Thursday, 30 January 2014

Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon watercolour sketch (my scanner made the colours look really dirty and blurry urgh!)

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Pencil Drawing of Marilyn Monroe by Emma Mullane (that's me), created as part of a birthday present for a friend.

 [Please do not take or use without permission or I will find you haha, no but seriously!]

Friday, 24 January 2014


Bambi Givenchy Dupe Sweater - Primark/ eBay
Necklace - Bershka (I think?!)
Trousers - Forever 21
Sandals - River Island (very old)
Glasses - Quiksilver @ Specsavers 

Today’s outfit is a little all over the place but it was comfortable and suitable considering I stayed inside all day, avoiding the rain outside like the plague. I like all colours and patterns in the midst of the crap weather we’re having here in Ireland. I took these photos outside, which resulted in a lot of bad luck on my part. One unlucky event was that my tripod fell over and landed in a puddle, along with my camera! Miraculously neither was seriously harmed and will live to fight another day.   
    I dressed up this look with a statement necklace and cream sandals. Statement necklaces are the bizz for dressing up outfits, even this one, which would probably have looked like pyjamas I had I not accessorised it right! I love miss – match clothes like this being put together with accessories to dress up a look and tie the whole outfit together. I also love any kind of pattern so these trousers get my seal of approval.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review - Bobbi Brown Long - Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Long - Wear Gel Eyeliner in 'Black Ink' - Brown Thomas (Irish Stockists)

If I had to bring one makeup product with me to a deserted island it would be gel liner. It's probably not the most sensible choice for a girl who still suffers from the joys of spots but even since I was younger, my eyes have always been my priority when it comes to makeup. Without my usual winged liner on my eyes I feel naked. My eyes look so small and tired without it so it has become as much part of my routine as brushing my teeth when getting ready.  
  Since I was 14 I've gone from wearing Rimmel to Mac's fluidline. That was my go to liner up until a few weeks ago until I hit the Brown Thomas website and purchased the much-raved-about Bobbi Brown Long - wear Gel Liner. Here's what I thought of this product and my coparision of it :

Packaging: This is your standard looking eye liner glass pot with a black cap. I like how the glass on this is frosted and that the writing was small and crisp looking. No garish novelty packaging, just simple and focusing on the actual product. However there is little that distinguishes it from the other brands of gel liner besides the logo and a few times I ended up bringing the wrong liner with me when I was packing my makeup bag. A small problem in the grand scheme of things but a royal pain in the ass when you bring your 3 euro gel liner on a weekend away instead of one that cost 23 euro!

Application: Comparing it to Mac's Fluid line, this liner doesn't glide as much when applying on the lid. It's a drier formula and so takes more time and effort when when putting on. I also felt I had to use more but that may also be just that not as much liner goes on the brush as opposed to MAC Fluidline, which is creamier. I haven't finished the jar yet so I'll update on that when I do!

Colour Intensity: Bobbi Brown's black gel liner is a very dark and intense colour, a nice change as I felt that MAC fluid line faded quite fast. Bobbi Brown's version doesn't fade at all which is obviously a massive plus!

Durability: This gel liner wins hands down over Mac in terms of how long it lasts. I've worn this gel liner for nights out, while I was at aerobics and it didn't crack under the pressure! Yesterday. for example, I applied this to my lids with a standard angled liner brush at 1 o clock and it was still perfect at half 10 that night. This was even after I'd been to the gym! This is enough proof that they weren't lying when they name this product Long - Wear Gel Liner.

Price: At 22.50 (in euros) it doesn't exactly come cheap but I definitely think it's worth it. It doesn't come off easily and creates a fab winged line despite being a bit dry. It may be 4 euro dearer than MAC's Fluidline but at the moment I think it's standing out as the better gel liner!

The bottom line:
7/10 stars
Pros - Lasts ages, colour doesn't fade
Cons - Doesn't apply as easy it's competitors (ie. Mac Fluidline)

Please let me know what you think of this product and what your favourite gel/liquid eyeliner is!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Alexa Chung "It"

“It” is Alexa Chung’s first book and focuses on the style icon’s influences and things that helped create the inspiration that she is today. If you’re looking for a book that offers style advice and clear-cut tips on recreating her looks you won’t find them in this book. This book mostly contains little anecdotes of her own life, touching briefly on topics such as her best friend, breakups and the first time she wore make up, accompanied by pictures of her influences and some doodles.  
 The cover itself is a pretty pastel pink with a small picture of an eye in the centre. It’s unusual that Alexa herself isn’t on the cover and this could be seen as a sign of her humbleness as a celebrity. You could also argue that the simple cover is ironic due to the fact that she has become such a massive influence amongst people but if you’re someone who’s going to over analyse the book then put it down now!
   Alexa Chung’s debut novel is silly, girly and light – hearted. If you’re a fan of hers, like myself, then you’ll love the book. It’s basically – quote - a “scrapbook autobiography” with images that could have been taken straight from Tumblr. It’s not a serious read and shows Alexa’s good humour. In terms of style it’s probably not the most influential of books but it’s nice to get abit more of an insight into her mind, without her becoming tacky and spilling the beans on her personal life and relationships. For me it’s the photographs and overall presentation that I liked the most in this. I love the pale pink colour and polka dot pattern on the inside of the book. The doodles, drawn by Alexa, are cute and kooky in their own right. I absolutely adore the candid, faded look to them. Images of Edie Sedgwick and Jane Birkin (the original “it” girls) as well as Liv Tyler in ‘Empire Records’ and even Jeremy Irons are splashed across the pages.  It’s a prefect example of a good coffee table book, and a sweet addition to the collection, which I have been building for the past few years.
   The book has received a lot of criticism for it’s lack of substance and some readers claim that it’s sloppy – Alexa herself stated that she wrote the book through emails to her editor.

  The best way to approach this book is to not over – analyse it and just enjoy it for what it is.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

16.1.14 Outfit Snippets

Fur Collar - eBay
Cardigan - Penneys/Primark
Sweater - Primark
Jeans - River Island (old)
boots - Missguided 
iPhone Case - eBay

 I have yet to get the hang of taking outfit photos but today was particularly bad so I've just decided to show the highlights of what I wore. It was one of those days where I just kept cringing at myself whenever I looked at my camera. Today's outfit was abit "meh" but I want to show off a few of the details that I liked. Ive probably mentioned before my obsession with fur this winter. One particular element I'm obsessing over are fur collars. If you like the idea of fur but don't feel adventurous enough to go all out with a full fur coat (faux fur of course!) then a fur collar is just what your wardrobe needs. Spring may be near but if you live in Ireland too then you'll know that "spring" for us doesn't really begin until April so your furs can still make an appearance. Wear one with any cardigan or coat/leather jacket for an instant update. I got mine in eBay for 10 pounds and personally I don't notice any difference in the quality between that or the ones you can buy in Topshop which are about four times the price!    
   Another part of my outfit I liked today were my boots which are from Missguided. I wear black ankle boots about 80% of the time as I think they go with nearly everything so these were a nice addition to my collection! I love the cut out feature even though it means I have to always wear matching socks when I wear these. This actually proves tougher than you think as I can hardly string together two pairs of matching socks, let alone ones that work well with my outfit. Despite that i really like these boots, as well as everything else I've bought on missguided. I think they really upped their game in 2013 and they are now the first site I go to when I've money to spend. I'll definitely do a post on them soon but for now bu - bye!